Finding India in Greensboro

There's been the question if I'm back. I'm not sure that I have an answer to that. I did finally unpack after three months, so I'd say I'm getting there.

I've taken the whole Netflix and Chill phenomenon to a whole new level. Watching every single Bollywood movie available for streaming. I was then led to a dilemma of having to fill my appetite for India in new way, by actually leaving the house.  Read more »


Here in England, we've such a brief season of very warm weather; it seems almost criminal to go away  Read more »


I’ve seen L four or five times now, though not dressed like this before.   Read more »


This year I’ve managed to add another string to my bow, and place another iron in the fire; I’m now employed once a week to take care of design an  Read more »


Monday was D-day, I had three visitors to the Office each named David, surely that’s bigger odds than winning the Lottery?  Read more »

Enjoy Enjoy

Enjoy While we’re at it, here’s another truly hot ladyboy that goes by the name of Enjoy. And it’s true, just look at this lovely Thai tgirl with her slim body, a wonderful firm ass and a big dick to round it up.  Read more »

LA Newcomer Tiffany Ford

Tiffany Ford from L.A. After my summer break, let’s just continue where we left things a while ago – with the lovely newcomer tgirls from the (still pretty new) website Femout. Tiffany Ford is a black angel from LA, currently she sees herself more like a crossdresser, but she definitely plans on transitioning completely sometime in the future.  Read more »

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