These Fleeting Moments

54,720. That's how many minutes are left.

For almost a year I've heard the church bells ring on the hour. I've walked past the clock tower at Cardiff City Hall every day, it's face staring at me. The seconds have turned into minutes, minutes into hours, and eventually I find myself wondering where all the time has gone. So I slumber in the dream, waiting for the alarm clock to go off. It's just before dawn in the middle of August.  Read more »

Amateur T-Girl Flora Ferns

Newcomer Flora That’s the first time I have seen anything from Femout, an apparently new website that features TG models who are early in their transition.  Read more »

Luna Rose Rides Loose

Luna getting fucked Sensual shemale chick Luna Rose is a magnificent cock sucker and boy rider. She’s giving handsome Giovanni the full treat in this new picture series from Shemale Yum.  Read more »

T-Lady Kimberlee Blows & Rides

Kimberlee Now that’s what I call a lady with class and style: Sexy Kimberlee gives a ladylike blowjob to a lucky bastard and rides him good afterwards, for the full shemale porn star experience.  Read more »

New Website: Bianka Nascimento Official

Bianka photos Bianka Nascimento has already been featured here and there, but now her very own, official website Bianka Nascimento went online. She is a real hottie and comes originally from Brazil, currently she lives in Ireland, right in the heart of Dublin.  Read more »

Going Under: The Drowning.

We came upon a murky lake, but she thinks its just a dark puddle. Below the surface is a huge angry tree with branches like arms. She steps through the water like a child on a rainy day expecting it to be only a few inches deep, and plummets endlessly to the bottom. I wait for her to surface, but I know the truth, that she's tangled up in the limbs, unable to surface. I reach into the water and find a hand. I try to release her from the grip of the darkness but I'm not strong enough.  Read more »

Never Stop Shining.

I remember the car hitting the embankment. The car taking to the air and crashing down on the train tracks. The sparks shooting out from the undercarriage as the vehicle slid down the tracks, the screeching of metal against metal. I remember the sound of the train as it approached. I remember trying to open the door, trying to kick my way out. I remember crawling out of the mangled wreckage. Minutes later the train struck my car on the North Carolina-Virginia border.  Read more »

Drive it like you stole it.

There are these roads that exist out in the middle of New Mexico. Hundreds of miles of blacktop where you won't see another car for hours. A few years back, I was driving down one of these roads in a 300 horsepower muscle car doing about 90 miles-per-hour.  I had spent the last few days driving from North Carolina to California. I was blasting down the highway for hours with the top off and the radio up, when I came up on a State Trooper.  Read more »

A Song for September.

I've never been good at singing, sports, or living my life within boxes. I like to draw outside the lines, drive too fast, and I'm addicted to that feeling of uncertainty. It's good to know your talents in this life. I've refined mine over the years. I generally know what people think before they do. I see the world without time, an ability to seize tomorrow by realizing it today.  Read more »

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