Never say Goodbye - A Summer on the Camino de Santiago: part 5

This last July I walked the Camino de Santiago from France to Spain. I met a lot of different people, ended up in the hospital and eventually ended up in a series of airports trying to get back to the U.S.  Read more »

God Wants You Dead.- A Summer on the Camino de Santiago: Part 4

Over the summer of 2016 I walked across Spain. After 350 miles of walking I came down with an infection that landed me in the hospital. Looking back I realize that my time in the hospital was probably more of an adventure than anything I could have walked in those last few days. This is that adventure...  Read more »

It's a sign that we've all gone insane. A summer on the Camino de Santiago: Part 3

During the summer I walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile century old pilgrimage across Spain. Each day I'd get up, shower, pack my gear and walk with endless thoughts in my head. Most days I would meet up with friends for breakfast, typically a Napolitana (Pain au Chocolat) and some Cafe con Leche. Then you walk some more. Eventually, you arrive somewhere, an alburgue, where you wash your clothes by hands, shower again, grab some wine and make plans for dinner with friends.  Read more »

Please check your RSS Feeds

Hi everyone,

A bit of a technical matter I need to post. I will be divorcing one of the RSS feeds that is forwarded to this site, so if you'd like to continue to follow this blog be sure to do so by subscribing via this url and link:

If you happen to be reading this via the old Greensboring Feedburner link, please note that I will be re-purposing that URL in the next few days.  Read more »

Maybe a dog fight near a cheese farm is simply a dog fight near a cheese farm: A Summer on the Camino De Santiago Part 2

See Part 1:  How to Find Happiness: A Summer on the Camino de Santiago

Over the summer I walked from the south of France to the west-coast of Spain with only a backpack and some gumption.  A week before arriving in Biarritz France to walk the Camino de Santiago, I was in Cardiff Wales graduating with my class for my master's degree.  It had been almost a year since I saw Ish, Ves, Marialena and my closest friends.  Read more »

How to Find Happiness: A Summer on the Camino de Santiago - Part 1

Over the summer I went to my graduation in Wales. In order to get home, I had to catch a flight a month later on the west coast of Spain. I caught a short flight from the U.K. to southern France, where I began my journey. Walking over the Pyrenees, across the border into Spain and 620 KM over the Basque country of Spain. This is that adventure.

The human condition is one in which we intentionally attempt to fix that which is not broken.  Read more »

Lady and The Trump

"Dog, Fat, Pig, Disgusting Animal". -Donald Trump
 At 6:30 Am this morning I woke up with Trump in my head. Hillary's political adverts on our dystopic American future for women, should Trump win, has only increased my own self-hate. Rarely, just as many women, do I feel beautiful. Now, the  climate of America's gender gap has brought me to tears as I wake up.  Read more »

48 Hours in Hilton Head Island

Crashing #weddings, #German beer, naps on the beach, dolphins, and sun burn in places that I didn't know I could. It's exhausting being us.A photo posted by Liv Jones (@liv_adara) on Oct 1, 2016 at 4:32pm PDT
The weekend getaway often becomes a monotonous reinterpretation of previous memories. We try to relive our past adventures by returning to those places we go to over and over again. It's a condition that people from North Carolina are notorious for.  Read more »

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