World's Best Cinnamon Roll in North Carolina?

Ren's grubbing on the breakfast of champions.Someone once told me that when you hit rock bottom that the only place you can go is up. Considering I hadn't had an American style biscuit in over a year, my diet reached a new level of fuck it a few days ago. Yes, I fell off the wagon.  Read more »


Once again spring is upon us and as the weather warms up so the sap begins to rise.  Read more »

Best Damn Mexican Restaurant in North Carolina

A Regular Bull (shredded beef), smothered with sour cream and jalapenos +habanero salsa and I substituted the beans for rice.Chance turned 14 yesterday and with it we decided to take him out to dinner. "What would you like for your birthday dinner?", I asked after picking him up from school. "I don't know.", he responded. Getting confirmation of anything out of a teenager becomes an  extraction process similar to metaphorically waterboarding terrorists.  Read more »

North Carolina's Craziest Best Buffet: Ye Ole Country Kitchen

When you get within about ten miles of this place, shut the GPS off and just follow the deep-fryerexhaust till you reach Ye Ole Country Kitchen
While the kids were off in Mexico, we decided to get our grub on at a local buffet. What's more American than an all you can eat smorgasbord of deep fried foods slapped smack dab in a two-hundred year old village and outdoor theatre?  Read more »

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