The King of Kings, A Bull Durham Burger.

King's Sandwich Shop: Durham's Best Burger Stand.
Travel is an interesting thing. You can travel a mile or a thousand miles and still discover something new. There's no excuse to not get out there and discover, explore and find something new. A perfect example is King's in Durham. This might just seem like another restaurant, just another burger but you'd be entirely wrong. This place has some serious history.  Read more »

Totalitarian Trump

A few years back I wrote an article about the Tea Party and it's totalitarian aspirations. Times change and my blogging has vastly moved on. Yet I still have this article sitting in one of my archives. I rarely write on political matters these days. I've grown frustrated with American politics, especially here in North Carolina. You could argue the latest laws from Governor McCrory and his ill-abled band of merry homophobes are equally embracing the totalitarian state.  Read more »

Best Weekend Roadtrip from North Carolina

Here's the thing, everyone thinks either Myrtle Beach or the Mountains when it comes to a weekend getaway. In fact, I've been to Myrtle several times this winter and just returned from Gatlinburg last weekend, but my favorite so far has been Helen, Georgia. Interestingly, I didn't even know the place existed despite having lived here most of my life.  Read more »

New Shemale Websites

Today I’d like to present you a couple of sites, that cater to special interests and are fairly new or have received a major overhaul lately.  Read more »

Get Clean With Sexy Chanel Santini

Lovely Chanel is number one Talk about sheer beauty! The wonderful tgirl Chanel Santini has all the features you want from a shemale pornstar, hot body, gorgeous face, and a very big and very hard she-cock.  Read more »

The Dog House of High Point: Best Hot Dog (and French fries) in North Carolina?

It may seem like all I do is eat. I'll admit I've been doing a lot of it. The food tour continues but so does life. Yesterday I had an interview for a job in Chennai India and it went well. Lately, I've been hiking in the Uhwarries and we went to Baden Road Drive In last night where it was filled with lifted trucks and confederate flags (can I get a Yee Haw?). I've slowly picking up a few words in Hindi, here and there.  Read more »

Paradoxical Lexington: Nick's Cheeseburgers in BBQ Land

So the weekly day trips continue in the Mustang. Ran across this video from WXII on a place in Lexington called Nick's:

While Lexington may be known for BBQ, the idea of a Velveeta and chili cheeseburger made me think this was the perfect place for lunch the other day. Sure it's paradoxical to go to a North Carolina city known nationwide for pulled pork, but I'm a bit outside the box.

Nick's, named after the owner's son is somewhat of a southern comfort food haven.  Read more »

Ava Keading & Meagan Ortiz on Tgirls Porn

shemale lovers Today I have been browsing for some shemale porn – no surprise here, I do that quite frequently, as you might have guessed. But this time I was looking for something fresh and interesting, not the same stuff I have seen over and over again.  Read more »

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