Best Damn Mexican Restaurant in North Carolina

A Regular Bull (shredded beef), smothered with sour cream and jalapenos +habanero salsa and I substituted the beans for rice.Chance turned 14 yesterday and with it we decided to take him out to dinner. "What would you like for your birthday dinner?", I asked after picking him up from school. "I don't know.", he responded. Getting confirmation of anything out of a teenager becomes an  extraction process similar to metaphorically waterboarding terrorists.  Read more »

North Carolina's Craziest Best Buffet: Ye Ole Country Kitchen

When you get within about ten miles of this place, shut the GPS off and just follow the deep-fryerexhaust till you reach Ye Ole Country Kitchen
While the kids were off in Mexico, we decided to get our grub on at a local buffet. What's more American than an all you can eat smorgasbord of deep fried foods slapped smack dab in a two-hundred year old village and outdoor theatre?  Read more »

The King of Kings, A Bull Durham Burger.

King's Sandwich Shop: Durham's Best Burger Stand.
Travel is an interesting thing. You can travel a mile or a thousand miles and still discover something new. There's no excuse to not get out there and discover, explore and find something new. A perfect example is King's in Durham. This might just seem like another restaurant, just another burger but you'd be entirely wrong. This place has some serious history.  Read more »

Totalitarian Trump

A few years back I wrote an article about the Tea Party and it's totalitarian aspirations. Times change and my blogging has vastly moved on. Yet I still have this article sitting in one of my archives. I rarely write on political matters these days. I've grown frustrated with American politics, especially here in North Carolina. You could argue the latest laws from Governor McCrory and his ill-abled band of merry homophobes are equally embracing the totalitarian state.  Read more »

Best Weekend Roadtrip from North Carolina

Here's the thing, everyone thinks either Myrtle Beach or the Mountains when it comes to a weekend getaway. In fact, I've been to Myrtle several times this winter and just returned from Gatlinburg last weekend, but my favorite so far has been Helen, Georgia. Interestingly, I didn't even know the place existed despite having lived here most of my life.  Read more »

New Shemale Websites

Today I’d like to present you a couple of sites, that cater to special interests and are fairly new or have received a major overhaul lately.  Read more »

Get Clean With Sexy Chanel Santini

Lovely Chanel is number one Talk about sheer beauty! The wonderful tgirl Chanel Santini has all the features you want from a shemale pornstar, hot body, gorgeous face, and a very big and very hard she-cock.  Read more »

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