The Dog House of High Point: Best Hot Dog (and French fries) in North Carolina?

It may seem like all I do is eat. I'll admit I've been doing a lot of it. The food tour continues but so does life. Yesterday I had an interview for a job in Chennai India and it went well. Lately, I've been hiking in the Uhwarries and we went to Baden Road Drive In last night where it was filled with lifted trucks and confederate flags (can I get a Yee Haw?). I've slowly picking up a few words in Hindi, here and there.  Read more »

Paradoxical Lexington: Nick's Cheeseburgers in BBQ Land

So the weekly day trips continue in the Mustang. Ran across this video from WXII on a place in Lexington called Nick's:

While Lexington may be known for BBQ, the idea of a Velveeta and chili cheeseburger made me think this was the perfect place for lunch the other day. Sure it's paradoxical to go to a North Carolina city known nationwide for pulled pork, but I'm a bit outside the box.

Nick's, named after the owner's son is somewhat of a southern comfort food haven.  Read more »

Ava Keading & Meagan Ortiz on Tgirls Porn

shemale lovers Today I have been browsing for some shemale porn – no surprise here, I do that quite frequently, as you might have guessed. But this time I was looking for something fresh and interesting, not the same stuff I have seen over and over again.  Read more »

Best breakfast in North Carolina?

Lately, I've been looking for any chance to get away. I bought a convertible Mustang and with the weather approaching awesome, I've been searching for all those secret places to drive to. It's like my own Diners, Drive-ins and Dives tour. A few days ago I stumbled upon a little place just south of Burlington in a town called Saxapahaw. It's a historic mill town with just 1400 people. Oddly, it's only about a thirty minute drive for me.  Read more »

Black Tgirl of the Month: Pinky

Pinky aka Stacey The other day I was checking the Black T-girls site for interesting new stuff – and found Pinky aka Stacey, a real beauty from the Mid-West. She’s got everything, that makes brown sugar so sweet, including, but not limited to an adorable face.  Read more »

Taking a bite out of the Italian Stallion.

You know if the Greensboro Police are eating there, it's good.The movie Rocky has to be the single best love story ever made (do not argue with me). I've seen all the movies, went to Philadelphia and yesterday I had the chance to take a bite out of the Italian Stallion at Giacomo's in Greensboro. The Italian Stallion is a sandwich at this amazing little Italian deli next to the Brassfield shopping center.  Read more »


D, a quietly spoken man, called early Monday morning requesting to see me at 11am, we’d tried to meet before but timings  Read more »

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