Who’d have thought it, Playboy dropping its nudes and becoming a magazine suitable for 13 year-olds and up  Read more »

Four Ways to Improve Your Home Internet Speed

So I'm trying to load a webpage off the internet, it's taking forever. I notice the ads are severely slowing up the pace at which I work on the web. Then I have one of those thoughts. You know, those thoughts that turn into hours of research. I wondered if I could block ads on my entire network to improve both throughput and reduce annoyances to all devices that are connected to my router. The answer was yes, well sort of.
Right now our network consists of two WRT54Gs.  Read more »

Finding India in Greensboro

There's been the question if I'm back. I'm not sure that I have an answer to that. I did finally unpack after three months, so I'd say I'm getting there.

I've taken the whole Netflix and Chill phenomenon to a whole new level. Watching every single Bollywood movie available for streaming. I was then led to a dilemma of having to fill my appetite for India in new way, by actually leaving the house.  Read more »


Here in England, we've such a brief season of very warm weather; it seems almost criminal to go away  Read more »


I’ve seen L four or five times now, though not dressed like this before.   Read more »

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