What is Transgender

When someone is said to be transgender this means that their selfidentity is not the same as the gender they are physically born with

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Are Gay Marriages and Civil Unions Bad for Society

With New Hampshire soon becoming the fourth state in the US to offer legal recognition to gay and lesbian relationships the traditional marriage debate is once again heating up

Rudolph Giuliani To Support Gay Marriage or Not to Support Gay Marriage

Only recently Rudolph Giuliani supported gay marriage but now to get the Republican vote he fully opposes it

Be Proud Philadelphia Black Gay Pride

Philadelphia Black Gay starts next weekend with thousands of visitors incredible events and plenty of fun for people of all race color and sexual persuasion

Gay Marriage is No Marriage

Call it a partnership or anything else but not Marriage Gay parenting cannot sustain the right of any child There cannot be two Daddies or two Mommies only one of a kind One Mother and one Father not two of the same sex

Replacing Marriage with Civil Unions in the United States

When the government tries to regulate marriage it is interfering with religion because marriage is a sacred bond that ties in with faith I think it is necessary for the government to cut off all ties with marital policy

Civil Unions Time Has Come

The time has come for us to allow Gay persons to enjoy the same benefits heterosexuals enjoy in the US

Not Your Normal Prom King Transgender Student Running for Prom King

The first recorded transgender homecoming king candidate is at Fresno High School in California This 17 year old female is making gay youth advocates very happy

Transgender Student Nominated for Prom King

A landmark milestone for the rights of transgender people happened today in Fresno

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