A Look at Both Sides Gay Marriage

I choose to examine how different political parties have come to define gay marriage I tried to stray away from main media sources because I believe that while they are bias they whitewash to seem fair and balanced Instead I went on a hunt for independent sources

ACLU Supports High School Gay Tolerance Club

In a 12page ruling a Florida District Court Judge allows an injunction for a GayStraight Alliance club at a local Florida high school to meet and the lawsuit will proceed

Gay Fairytale Weddings Given the Go Ahead by Disney Co

Two of the United States Resorts and Cruiselines belonging to Disney Co have agreed to allow Gay Fairytale Weddings and Commitment ceremonies

Should StateSanctioned Marriage Exist at All

Legal theorists question the purpose of having statesanctioned marriage and argue that the goals of civil as opposed to religious or otherwise private marriages would be better achieved through an abolition of the legal institution of marriage

Gender Identity vs Gender Dysphoria

One a daytoday basis there have been many obstacles that people must face and these obstacles have caused a large amount of difficulties to arise in the lives on these people A not so uncommon obstacle that many people face is a question about their gender identity

Out at the Library

A traveling exhibit is visiting the Oak Lawn Branch Library in Dallas TX

Seattle Mayor Criticized for Support of Homosexual Marriage

The Seattle Washington mayor is being sued for disregarding a state Defense of Marriage Act The law limits marriage to an act between one man and one woman The mayor has said he supports homosexual marriage

Entertainment Industry Accused of Promoting Homosexual Agenda

The President of Americans for Truth Peter LaBarbera has accused the media and entertainment industry of becoming an arm of the homosexual agenda

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