Gay Rights Are Civil Rights

The question is not Do people choose to be gay but Do we choose to live in a truly free society

Orienting Myself Sexual Orientation in the TwentyFirst Century

Modern approaches to sexual orientation are far more flexible than in previous eras

You're Wrong

You mixed me up for someoneWho'd fall apart without youYeah you broke my heart for the first timeBut I'll get over that tooIt's hard to find the reasonsWho can see the rhyme?I guess that we where seas...

Gay Rights A Moral Travesty or a Human Rights Issue

This article explore the issues behind the gay rights movement and look at it in many perspective

Gay Rights Groups Should Leave Tony Dungy Alone

Gay rights groups are upset at Tony Dungy for speaking at an event sponsored by a group against gay marriage These gay rights groups should pick on somebody else

Homosexuality and the Issue of Parenting

With the growing acceptance for homosexuality and same sex marriage the issues of homosexual and same sex parenting has received greater attention

Common Phrase Thats so Gay Creates a Courtroom Battle

Thats so gayThese three little words would land Rebekah in the Principals office and later spark a courtroom battle over free speech First Amendment Rights hate speech and where we should draw the line in schools today

The Best of the Worst News Reality is Always Stranger Than Fiction

Real news stories are always stranger than some of the best fiction Here are a few of the real news stories of the day

MySpace Impact Award Winner Announced

The Kentucky Equality Federation has won the MySpace Impact Award for Social Justice and will receive a 10000 cash prize

Pro Family Activist Criticizes Senator Hillary Clinton for Pro Homosexual Marriage Speech

A profamily activist Tuesday criticized United States Senator and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for a Saturday speech that the activist said was pro homosexual marriage and also supported the adoption rights of homosexuals

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