Largo City Manager and SexChange Candidate Fired from Job

The City of Largo voted to dismiss its City Manager Steve Stanton after 14 years of service for his upcoming sexchange

All My Children Introduces Transgender to the Daytime Show

All My Children has taken on another controvery storyline and that is the character of ZarfZoe a transgender male

The Social Conservatives Misguided War on Gay Marriage

The war on gay marriage is distracting bigoted legally baseless and ultimately waged in vain Gay marriage is coming Get used to it

Living Life with a Gay Sibling

This was inspired by an earlier article where the author seems to express a one sided view of having a gay sibling

Q Cinema Spring Film Series Titles Announced

Q Cinema Fort Worth Texas Gay Lesbian International Film Festival has announced its Spring Film Series titles

Is the Gay Jew Another Forbidden Fruit

This article utilizes scripture taken directly from the Torah as well as discussions from past Rabbinic Councils to wrestle with modern Judaic approaches to homosexuals in the community Reference to the film Trembling Before Gd dir Sandi Dubowski is also made

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