The Fight for Gay Marriage

An article outlining the REAL reasons why laws against gay marriage should be abolished from a heterosexual females standpoint

Appreciating Surrealist Artist Rene Magritte

It has been said there are no innocent eyes We do not merely absorb the world about us In a sense we actively create what we see by choosing what to see and what to overlook by prioritizing what we do choose to see and by critically analyzing what we see

Altering Childs Sex Is it Okay to Allow a Child to Become Transgender as a Minor

An article discussing the practice of allowing minors to go transgender using a case as an example

Friends - A cryptic message

I won't have friends like me again... because they aren't like me. My emotions don't control me and make me destructive towards others, particularly the ones I love. I don't lash out adversely against...

Coming Out of the Closet at Work

Coming out of the closet is almost always at least a little scary It can be even more frightening when your job is involved

Societal Implications of Gay Marriage

Nowadays homosexual mariage is on the minds of many people including poiticians But at what cost are we to allow homosexual marriage What residual effects may occur or must we be willing to accept

GayFriendly Palm Springs California

Many times gays and lesbians visiting and vacationing away from home do not find it to be always an easy and comfortable occasion Many towns cities and areas of the US are not gayfriendly and gay tolerant

Supreme Court Asked to Decide Issue Involving Same Sex Civil Unions and Parental Rights

The United States Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether one state can be forced to recognize the same sex civil union of another state against the laws of another state The issue could also affect visitation concerning the biological child of one litigant

Christian College Fires Transgendered Professor

Christianbased Spring Arbor University fired Julie Marie Nemecek after she was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder

Medias de Red

Como me gustaban mis medias de red gigante, esta foto aun la mantengo como mi identificación en mi espacio de msn, que a propósito ya pasaron esta semana las 50 mil visitas, a pesar de que esta un poquito olvidado, ya que más me avoco a mi espacio en myspace,  Read more »

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