NipTuck Sexy Drama Ends Season Three with a Bang

Entertainment Weekly gave NipTucks third season a D and the filth cataloguers at the Parents Television Council is having a heyday trashing the sudsy surgery soap opera but viewers continue trying to dig up the dirt on their favorite characters

Study Details Advertising Impact on Gays

A new study suggests gay men and lesbians may be more apt than their straight counterparts to buy after seeing a product in an ad

Why trannies are so damn hot!

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been totally drawn to hot trannies. Whether it was on TV, in magazines, or whatever. Now, they're all over the internet. What the hell is it about them that is so d...

Book Review Is It A Choice by Eric Marcus

A simple primer addressing basic questions about gays and lesbians

Independent Bookstores in Milwaukee

Visit these independent Milwaukee book stores and support local businesses through your reading habits

Lesbian Health Issues

Lesbain health is impacted by social and legal facors Unique stressors affect lesbian health

National Coming Out Day

Comming out as Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transgendered person can be difficult That is why national comming out day supports anyone who wants to come out and help fight for human rights

Reasons Why Legalization of Gay Marriage is Right

Anti gay marriage proponents worry about the effects that legalization of gay marriage will have on society I am hoping to alleviate some of their fears and make some headway

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