Colombia Officially Recognizes Gay Couples Property Rights

On February 9 2007 Colombia passed its first law in favor of fairness for gay couples Colombias highest court the Constitutional Court decided that samesex couples who live together could have the same property rights as straight couples

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced in Vermont

A Vermont representative has introduced a bill to replace the current civil union law and allow gay marriage in the state

Did Wedding Wars Provide a Realistic Picture of What Would Happen If Gays Went on Strike

Wedding Wars is a romantic comedy about two brothers One is straight and is getting married The other is gay and wants his right to marry as well and is willing to strike for it

In Defense of Gay Marriage

Why homosexual marriage should be legalized as a matter of civil rights and the leaders of the religious right are misleading their followers

Homosexuality Laws CrossCulturally

In the United States issues surrounding homosexuality have always been a controversial topic Since the establishment of the United States as an independent country some aspect of homosexuality has been criminalized

Awards for New England Filmmakers Highlight Wealth of Talent

What do an execution a cat transgendered people a man desparate to empty his bladder and a dying AIDS patient have in common They are all elements in the winning films from the Short Film Festival presented by the Artists Exchange

Something meaningful...

I have tried to think of things that would be most meaningful for people who come to my page. No, not things like sucking guys off or heated lesbian intercourse. What I realize is that what peopl...

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