Rebuilding a City The Future of Gay New Orleans

The predominantly gay Metropolitan Community Churches MCC denomination was among the first groups to start a gayfocused relief fund for Hurricane Katrina victims raising 40000 in its first four days

Assisting Survivors in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Statewide agencies are assisting gay lesbian bisexual and transgender LGBT hurricane survivors with housing food and more

Desert Rabbis Embrace Equality and Marriage for GaysLesbians

Three Jewish rabbis stressed their urging of equality for and embrace of gays and lesbians in a previous panel discussion at Temple Isaiah in Palm Springs Calif titled Varying Jewish Views Toward Homosexuality

Hospital Helps Katrina and Rita Victims

Saving lives in times of crisis Cook Childrens Hospital staff doctors and transport team helped to provide care to those affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Ass-trological Match - Virgo

With all the crazyness going on I almost forgot to do the Love Matches for Virgo. If you are a Virgo, I'm sorry I missed your birthday that just went by: I've been a little busy.

Both seek perfection in a relationship: It's like two Nazis going at it at Love. They are both responsible and serious and can bring the best out in each other. They are like Bloody Siamese twins that suck each other's titties.
Compatibility: 10  Read more »

I Put The Gay On You

Gayness is contagious. Parents, lock up your children or they may get a case of the GAY!

Apparently hanging out with "certain" type of homosexuals can make you GAY, or "more gay" than you really are. Paging Dr. Kinsey!  Read more »

My shemale farewell...

So many of you know that I only perform with shemales who I befriend or have a desire to befriend. Joanna was my first obviously. I met her and loved her instantly. She was something. Grace. Beauty. Class. Everything I am not in a little English package. There were a lot of things that attracted me to her. First her drive. Second her sexuality. Third, her willingness to go against the grain. We didn't fuck in Jet Set 1. We made love in a sense. In Brazen it was a challenging movie with a tight schedule. It wasn't as emotional, but it solidified our friendship more than ever.  Read more »

Recycling Tired Arguments Against Gay Marriage

Interracial marriage like samesex marriage was considered unnatural and would ultimately lead to the destruction of a sacred institution

Ass-trological Match - Libra

"It's not my fault. It's not fair. I can't and won't take all the blame." These are a few things you might hear from a Libra. They constantly try to balance every situation, as well as their life, to the point where you just want to smack them or kiss them to shut them up. If romance you want, they deliver. Poetry?  Read more »

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