Amnesia in Public?

Is it true?

Will Amnesia Sparkles be seen in public again?

You better believe it. Check it out.

Wigstock The Movie A Documentary of an Interesting Drag Festival

Many people who are fascinated by drag come to Wigstock every year Some of these people are performers and others just enjoy being members of the audience Anyone can go to the festival and put on a wig and just have a good time

Las explicaciones

No parece haber una única razón por la cual algunos hombres sienten la necesidad de vestirse en ropas femeninas, o por que hacen ello a pesar de la censura social y de la creencia general que ellos son desviados sexuales. Muchos travestis han buscado ayuda profesional para cambiar su conducta, pero muy pocos "éxitos" han sido reportados a pesar del sincero deseo de cambio que ellos tienen para cambiar.  Read more »

Allies of the Gay Lesbian Community Should Come Out of Closet Too

Coming out as an ally of the LGBT community is important in the fight for equal rights This article first appeared in the Rainbow Journal

New Jersey Passes Gay Marriages and Civil Unions

the state of NJ became one of the few states to legalize gay marriages

Still Me

Sarah-Maria posted a photo:

Still Me

Still the same top. Most go out for shopping this year... ;)
Photo is taken by Zoe

Sabrina & Me

Sarah-Maria posted a photo:

Sabrina & Me

Sabrina a friend of me and I at the Cafe Scandal, Düsseldorf.
Photo is taken by Zoe

Top 3 Reasons Why All Women Should Be Watching The L Word

The issues explored by the cast and crew of The L Word are important issues facing all women Heres why you should tune in if you havent already

Gay Lesbian Couples Only Need Another Word Not Marriage

It is not the presence of or the practice of gay and lesbians It is their presumption that heterosexual couples should allow them to share in the same descriptor

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