Lesbian Ordered to Pay Child Support to Her Former Gayunion Partner

A Vermont court ordered a woman to pay 240 a month child support to her former lesbian civilunion partner

Miss LSD 2007!

Hey kids,

this is what I looked like last night at the BowieBall...well, a lot less photoshopped of course.

Yes I know that after Trump gave me a second chance, going drinking and partying wasn't the smartest thing. What can you expect from a dumb blonde that isn't good at anything other than winning stupid sexist demeaning pageants?  Read more »

How Does a Gay Marriage Affect a Straight Marrige

Gay marriage will in no way impact the status of straight married couples so why are so many people against it

What a TGirl Wants from 2007

Stephanie Loveless fka Jam Rag magazines editorfounder Tom Ness speaks with me regarding goals music and the trials of being M2F preop

Amnesia in Public?

Is it true?

Will Amnesia Sparkles be seen in public again?

You better believe it. Check it out. http://www.bowieballnyc.com/

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