Gay Lesbian Couples Only Need Another Word Not Marriage

It is not the presence of or the practice of gay and lesbians It is their presumption that heterosexual couples should allow them to share in the same descriptor

New Jersey Signs Civil Union Bill

Thursday afternoon New Jersey signed a bill allowing Civil Unions to take place

South Africa Takes Strides with Gay Marriage Bill While United States Walks Backwards

South Africa recently legalized gay marriage It just goes to show how far the United States lags behind when it comes to citizens rights a country that has only been a democracy for a little over a decade is already promoting tolerance over prejudice

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 Hello everyone its Lady P,
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Gay Marriage Is the Power of Judicial Review Undermining American Democracy

As the power of activist courts increases does it undermine our sense of American democracy Particularly concerning the issue of gay marriage on a federal level

Soap Opera All My Children Makes History Again

On Thursday November 30 ABCs daytime drama All My Children reintroduces the character Barf a colorful rock star with a soontobe revealed secret Barf is transgendered and making the transition from man to woman

Gay Marriage Happiness for Allor For Some

The Declaration says that all men have the right to Life Liberty and Happiness yet we deny homosexuals the right to Marry and often block them from adopting children I guess by all we really meant some

Gay Marriage in California

As the consideration for gay marriage in California makes its rounds through the courts and legislature everyone is affected

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