Gay Marriage in California

As the consideration for gay marriage in California makes its rounds through the courts and legislature everyone is affected

Patricia is back and ready TO TELL ALL

 Hello everyone
I know i have not been answering some of your beautiful ; emails or comments and i am deeply sorry by that, but i read all of them, its just sometimes i am very busy and get ...


A friend of mine is really trying to get me involved in escorting. I have to admit I may have dabbled in it before, but like doing it all the time seems like... I dunno. It's obviously not that I have...

Gay Marriage Whats the Big Deal

With the ongoing debate about gay marriage in the country right now Ive got to ask whats the big freakin deal

Gali No. 2, Street Despair


Born to a prostitute, Shankar was soliciting men at 11. It was the prelude to a eunuch’s life as Neelam.  Read more »

As Gay as it Gets Top Gay Bars in South Beach

Its good to be gay in South Beach This beautiful citybythe ocean is a hot spot for the best gay bars and nightclubs in southern Florida

20th Nov - 8th Transgender Day of Remembrance


The Transgender Day of Remembrance was set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.  Read more »

BB3 Bulgaria-Penio -TheCrying Game

See video

BB3 Bulgaria-Penio -TheCrying Game

bulgarian shemale shaves legs and cryies in BigBrother

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Gay Rights are Civil Rights Ancient Cultures Supported Homosexuals Why Dont We

a brief look at homosexual rights both in history and modern times Also reasons why I think same sex marriage should be legal

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