Ethical Arguments for Legalizing Gay Marriage

Those against gay marriage generally use a deontological argument or slippery slope arguments Those in favor of gay marriage tend to use arguments for human needs civil rights and justice

2006 Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Film Venue and Ticket Info

The Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is the third biggest one of its kind in the US and the biggest handsdown on the entire East Coast Films from 26 countries including Norway Israel Wales Sweden the Netherlands Hong Kong

Restricting Sex in a Relationship

Withholding sex to improve communication benefits a relationship but withdrawing from intimacy because a partner doesnt get the right job wear the right clothes or other superficial reasons turns a relationship into a manipulation game

What Does it Mean to Be Transgender

The term transgender is often hazily understood This article serves to provide a basic definition discuss who is included and point in the direction of resources that will further explain the concept

Same Sex Marriage More Like Same Old Diversions

Gay marriage is the epitome of nonissues taking over the political landscape

How do people in marriage relationships detect deception

The problem statement is being proposed for research How do people in marriage relationships detect deception

The Issue of Gay Marriage

Following last weeks United States Senate vote on a proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman what is next for this issue

West Virginia Decriminalized Gay Sex 30 Years Ago When Will it Legalize Gay Marriage

Gay sex became legal in West Virginia on June 1 1976 The Religious Right is taking a step backward as they fight to keep the queer couples from pledging their during a public ceremony enjoying the protections straight people do

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