Gay Marriage Ban Legislating Intolerance

Should the definition of marriage be a government controlled one Or should that be up to individuals How America allows itself to be steadily drawn away from the original idea of Liberty and Justice for All

Is Our Nation Going to Pot Transgender Bathrooms at Ivy League Schools

A recent report indicates that campuses across the US are playing host to gay and lesbian groups by installing transgender bathrooms

Koovagam Festival - Transgender Festival


Get married in the night and break the 'thali' the next morning. This is the essence of the Koothandavar festival
celebrated by the eunuchs.  Read more »


hi there it all went well i was in for 3 hrsi had some hair transplants had my cheek bones replaceda chemical peel under my eyes and lift and fat transfer to my nasal labial folds and i also had a tra...

My love, My secret

First of all, you have to understand this note isn't part of Vicki's life... it's part of my life. It's something very different. People wonder what girls like me do with their time and how they live day by day... this is a small dose of that.  Read more »

Pittsburghs Gay Lesbian Community

A city guide to the inside scoop on events clubs shopping and more for gays and lesbians

Lesbian Sex What Do Lesbians Do

This article lists the common lesbian sex practices These are manual sex tribidism oral sex and dildos

TYRA SHOW GIA AND DAVID!!!!??????update 5-8-07

as you know i was on the show with David!!!
 i think i become a serial tv dater! LOL
the show was lots of fun and as usual everyone was so kind and sweet
but as luck would have it all i can say i...

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Gay Matchmaking and Culture

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan lean slightly westward and harbor less hostility toward gays than their neighbors do While not oases for gay matchmaking and culture they have decriminalized homosexuality and allow gay clubs to stay open

Gay and Lesbian Bars in Melbourne

Going Down Under for a gay holiday One of the queer hubs of Australia Melbourne is the continents second city comparable in size to Chicago Here are some of the popular gay and lesbian bars in Melbourne Australia

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