Gay and Lesbian Immigration to Canada

Polina Skibinskaya editor of HOW TO MOVE TO CANADA a comprehensive practical easy to use guide to Canadian immigration explains what Canadas family sponsorship policies mean for samesex families

The SameSex Marriage Debate

Queer issues have been in the media spotlight more in the past few years than ever before highlighted by the 2002 election The arguments against it have been to protect the sanctity of marriage and the familty unit which arent valid reasons

Gay Friendly Restaurants and Bars in Philadelpia

Philadelphia is a progressive and liberal city one of the first in America to welcome the gay traveller Beyond the boders of its popular Gayborhood Many neighborhoods offer great welcoming spaces to people of all sexualities

Gay Games Are Coming to Chicago

The Gay Games are coming to Chicago this summer From July 15 to July 22 2006 the Gay Games will feature competition in a variety of sports all over the city The event will bring 12000 people to compete in Chicago from 70 nations

Gay Adoption Ban Unfair to Samesex Couples Needy Children

Sixteen states are looking at getting gay adoption bans on the November ballot Perhaps these states should instead be looking at the neglect they are giving needy kids

Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized

Common arguments against samesex marriages are tradition procreation and alleged Biblical opposition This paper discusses why these are irrelevant or untrue claims

NY on the 25th!!!!!!!!!!

i will be in New York for the Allanah party on the 25th of March!!! i will be shooting her new video!!! so come hang out!!!!!!!!!
for more details go to her event site

HOMOPHOBIA!!!! a horrible word!!!

homophobia Body: I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian. I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.I am the...

The Conceptualization of Family in Gay and Transgendered Communities

In the absence of a biological family lesbians gays bisexuals and transsexuals reconstruct and conceptualize the institution of family Through two documentaries this study explores the role of family in LGBT communities

Minsk Gay Guide Gay Life in Belarus

Minsk provides a tenuous haven for gays through an underground network of private organizations and rotating gay nights at bars and clubs There are determined seeds of gay life in Belarus and this brief Minsk gay guide reveals some of the basics

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