Gay Moscow Bars and Clubs in This Center of the Gay Russian Subculture

Even during Soviet times Moscows large size made it the natural home for underground gay nightlife Now that bars and clubs can more publicly cater to gays without fear of reprisal gay Moscow is getting louder and prouder by the day


pls don't ask why girls don't answer mails or notes when you start them by asking her how big her titts are or how bad you want to suck her cock! lets just say that any girl out there that might want ...

The birth of a pornstar...

I started responding to a post and the realized I was blogging again. I thought I would share it here so it sticks.

When I first started my foray into the adult world, I would go on a few chat sites. AOL, Yahoo, URNA, etc. I first started posting pictures on a site called Picturetrail. It was a great site that was spawned during the boom. It had this comments section. With no surgeries, no implants, and just a few months of hormones, guys were giving me great props and confidence.  Read more »

What is a Gay Patriot in Post911 America

There are issues that bind everyone in this country together Whether gay lesbian transgendered bisexual or even straight we understand all too well the horror of Tuesday September 11th 2001 A day that will live infinitely

Is Gender Variation a Psychological Illness

Social scientists question whether some attributes of gender roles are actually biologically induced instead of culturally induced They hope they will be able to determine whether gender variation is a psychological illness or a biological phenomenon

Vicki Reflections

After speaking with a TS counterpart today. I have decided to turn over a new leaf and focus on the positive elements of the TS society. I freely admit that certain events have caused me to become a bit jaded of most other girls, but at the end of the day, we're all just living the life we didn't really have a choice but to live. I think I come across as elitist, snobby, etc... all good reasons for other girls to stay away from me. I'm really not THAT bad in real life.

That said:  Read more »

An Incomplete Freedom

The State has no legitimate right for denying individuals to do as they please like people want to do drugs and marry their homosexual partners however State and national laws prohibit these very things

NipTuck Sexy Drama Ends Season Three with a Bang

Entertainment Weekly gave NipTucks third season a D and the filth cataloguers at the Parents Television Council is having a heyday trashing the sudsy surgery soap opera but viewers continue trying to dig up the dirt on their favorite characters

Study Details Advertising Impact on Gays

A new study suggests gay men and lesbians may be more apt than their straight counterparts to buy after seeing a product in an ad

Why trannies are so damn hot!

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been totally drawn to hot trannies. Whether it was on TV, in magazines, or whatever. Now, they're all over the internet. What the hell is it about them that is so d...

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