Reasons Why Legalization of Gay Marriage is Right

Anti gay marriage proponents worry about the effects that legalization of gay marriage will have on society I am hoping to alleviate some of their fears and make some headway

I repeat...

If you don't have a picture of yourself posted, don't bother adding me. Your request will be denied.

Victoria's Secret: I'm Going Straight?

Last night I hung out with straight guys, at a straight bar, having straight beer, and watched the Victoria's Secret Runway Show. I'm not kidding, I did!  Read more »

Black Women Writers and Singers of the AvantGarde and Civil Rights Movement

1960s and 1970s America The Civil Rights Free Speech Womens Liberation and Gay Rights MovementsThis twenty year span in American history served as the perfect time for the voices of black women to let their voices be heard by the dominant culture

How You Can Give Back to the Gay Community

You want to help people And nows the time Here are some worthy organizations involved with the lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered LGBT community that need your help

Schools Remain Unsafe for Gay Students

A new study released to coincide with National Coming Out Day shows that nearly a quarter of all lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered LGBT students do not feel safe at school

My changes

There is no such thing as too passable. Being passable changes your life. Society interracts with you much better. I can't even describe it. When people think you're a pretty GG, you get treated like royalty. It's the small things like doors get held open even if you are 10 feet behind the guy holding it, having guys give you extra attention when taking your car into the shop or going to a hardware store, or getting drinks bought for you in any club. There is really no way to describe how much better (in the small ways) attractive women get treated.  Read more »

Family Matters Gay and Lesbian Adoption

The debate on GayLesbian adoption is onraging and there seems to be no right answer This research aims at understanding current ideological tennets within the US that lead to widespread anxiety about GayLesbian adoption

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