My shemale farewell...

So many of you know that I only perform with shemales who I befriend or have a desire to befriend. Joanna was my first obviously. I met her and loved her instantly. She was something. Grace. Beauty. Class. Everything I am not in a little English package. There were a lot of things that attracted me to her. First her drive. Second her sexuality. Third, her willingness to go against the grain. We didn't fuck in Jet Set 1. We made love in a sense. In Brazen it was a challenging movie with a tight schedule. It wasn't as emotional, but it solidified our friendship more than ever.  Read more »

Recycling Tired Arguments Against Gay Marriage

Interracial marriage like samesex marriage was considered unnatural and would ultimately lead to the destruction of a sacred institution

Ass-trological Match - Libra

"It's not my fault. It's not fair. I can't and won't take all the blame." These are a few things you might hear from a Libra. They constantly try to balance every situation, as well as their life, to the point where you just want to smack them or kiss them to shut them up. If romance you want, they deliver. Poetry?  Read more »

You Are Special

As I stood waiting to get into Avalon (old school Limelight) a group of normal looking folk cut the line asking each other in a loud manner "Isn't it nice to be special." All I could think was, "If cutting in line makes you feel special you have a sad existence hun." It was a feeling filled with sentiment and very little or no bitterness: I truly felt sorry for them. There are more important things in life than cutting in line at a nightclub to make you feel special. I guess when we grow independently from each other and each other's spirit we find comfort in the insignificant.  Read more »

Same Sex Marriage Whose Values Does It Go Against

Critics of homosexual marriage claim that it goes against traditional values but whose values are these and why cant tradition change

Cruise Ship Vacations for Gay Singles or Couples

There are a few different ways to experience gay and lesbian ocean cruising Gay men and lesbians can travel aboard mainstream ships they can travel with a gay group or gay charter on a regular ship they can go on a trip that is targeted at gay and les

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