Damn it…Becky has retired. Well she did say she would this year and good for her, off to pastures new; however, where does this leave me now?
There goes my ‘Go To’ Transsexual playmate, the one I'd call upon for assistance in a threesome boudoir liaison. And to whom do I now refer my clients when I'm not available, or if they'd simply like to have some fun with another English gal?
Becky was a unique Escort, by which I mean she was polite, educated, mindful, genuine, delivered the goods, loved champagne as much as I and…was English.

I fondly remember one evening together, no one else involved just ourselves. We retired to her boudoir, the lighting and music was just so and we were on to our third or was it fourth bottle of champagne. Lying there I looked at her, she looked at me, in a 'Well you start,' we were both so sloshed, that we fell asleep.
We spent many a wonderful afternoon/evening entertaining, be it her client or mine and would often jump the Eurostar to Paris for a weekend shopping trip, to top up on our lingerie and stocking collection, or pop over to the annual lingerie trade show weekend, to which we were invited each year.
How many girls pop up in Google search these days when you type in ‘London Transsexual Escort,’ hundreds I imagine? But I doubt there's one of Becky's calibre, one whom I wouldn't hesitate referring one of my own client to and who's English…if you do know then please let me know too.
Sometimes, the feedback I hear from clients begins to sound like a broken record, ‘it wasn't them in the picture;’ ‘unsympathetic and impatient;’ ‘couldn't speak the language;’ ‘upon arrival reeled off a list of prices for various services.’
Now don't for a moment think all Escorts are like that, oh no, it's only about 40% of them, at least from what I'm told; it's a jungle out there.
So, good luck and bon voyage on your new adventures Becky, we certainly had a ball and what a pleasure it was too; thank you.

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