Still slumbering away in dreamland I receive a text from E at 8am, ‘Flying down from Glasgow, love to see you at the Office at 11am. 'Right then, it‘s into the shower, a freshly zapped smoothie, soya milk, banana and peanut butter (I'm not really a breakfast person unless away on holiday), into the car and whoosh I'm Office bound.
Upon arrival, I consult my little black book, A, B, C, D…ah yes E.Likes to take a shower upon arrival.Adores stockings.Loves foot worship (better paint those toenails red).
I carefully unwrap a new pair of red-laced stockings, which I'd bought on my last trip to Paris, stocking and lingerie heaven. 
Ding-dong. E's travelling light, a tired brown leather briefcase in his hand, remarkably similar to what I used to have for school. ‘What about a nice hot shower after that flight,’ I suggest. Freshly showed we retire to the boudoir where I disrobe him, he sat on the end of the bed, I stood in front, my breasts at just the right level to decanter into his eager mouth, first one, and then the other.
E, lies across the bed with me stood over him, stocking toes poised at the ready. I tease him by drawing little circles around his lips and stroking his nose with my tippy toes. 'I think I should sit on the bed now and you can suck my toes,' he obliges without hesitation. 
Having one's toes sucked is soothing, after twenty minutes to the point of sleepy, so enough of that.
I put him on his back and lay over him, taking his erect cock and placing it between my stocking tops and just below my cock. 'Frances, if you do that you know I'll make a mess over your stockings,' 'Ermm yes I do know that, well I'll just have to wash them won't I?'  
I like goosing, the capillary action of warm creamy spunk between your inner thighs, trailing slowly down in-between any crevice it can find. 
E lasted for about ohhh...fifteen...twenty seconds perhaps?

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