Once again spring is upon us and as the weather warms up so the sap begins to rise.
Over the years I’ve noticed a distinct correlation between warmer weather and people getting horny, things begin to get busier in the Office too. I fear I’d be quite worn out if I lived in a climate that was constantly warm.
Alack, our ever-meddling British government is to ban the sale of ‘Poppers’ at the end of April (2016), when it becomes a classified legal-high. Whilst I don’t care for it myself (a blazing headache), I keep it in stock for those who may like to use it, they’re adults and quite capable of deciding what they like or not, without our nanny state interfering.
A little tip, keep your Poppers in the fridge and it’ll last longer. 
Having just returned from Amsterdam (a future Blog), the Coffee House’s selling legal Marijuana and Space-cakes, work from the point of people’s own common sense, ID is required to prove you’re 18 or you simply won't get in. And contrary to the myth, you don’t find people stoned, spaced out, wobbling and giggling uncontrollably about the streets of this beautiful City.
Last year I signed up to ‘WhatsApp,’ a great free App that you can use to send photo’s for free anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet/wifi connection, saving you on phone bills.
However, I now receive endless sexts from all over the world from people who've no intention of ever meeting me, wanting to sext/text/chat, because it’s a free service. Now I simply delete the whole lot in one go at the end of the day, unless they come up as someone in my contact list. Technology isn’t always progressive, as I found out with this mixed blessing of an App.

What I'm reading in bed...

The Road to Little Dribbling: Bill Bryson

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