It’s off to the screening of the new 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie, along with four friends at the beautiful Art Deco cinema, The Ritzy.
We were obliged to dress in character, I chose to go as Patsy, she’s known for her fondness of bubbles. Proceedings kicked-off at 9.30am, which meant getting up at 7.30am...on a Sunday! 
At 9.30am sharp, we were served champagne (Bollinger), which poured endlessly until noon when the movie began. I’d be forgiven for saying I can’t remember much of the movie, neither could any of my companions, I'm sure it was fabulous all the same. What I do know is, I was back in bed at the ungodly early hour 8.30pm.
J, an Anglo-Indian man first visited me two years ago, he was in town for the cricket which he follows avidly, a fully paid up, red and gold tie-wearing member of the Marylebone Cricket Club, MCC.
His requirements were simple, a soothing back massage before at least six hours of sitting down at Lord’s (the home of cricket) cricket ground for a test-match, and then to bring him off so he’d be, 'Better able to concentrate on the game,' his words not mine; I obliged.
After having showered he returned to the bedroom, ‘J, you do smell rather nice, what have you got on,’ I said, ‘Oh I don't know, it was some white and black bottle in the bathroom.’ ‘Ermm...I think you’ll find you've gone and used Chanel No 5 body wash, that’s a woman’s fragrance, which is fine by me but your wife may become a little suspicious as to why you smell so fragrant;’ so off he went off for a second, much less perfumed shower.  

He left as requested, feeling relaxed, I wonder if he didn't drop off to sleep halfway through the test match.

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