I’ve found myself a new interest, playing Backgammon. A good friend had been badgering me for a year or more to learn the game, so as to have a partner to play with…or as she likes to put it, so she can ‘Whip my ass.’
So, I've been studiously learning the rules of engagement and scratching up on my strategy by playing against the computer (easy mode). It's satisfying to add another arrow to the quiver and the game's become quite addictive.
C also went and bought me a beautiful Backgammon board, so there’s no excuses now; it's game on Miss C. I'm lousy at cards, but I’m sure given some time I could learn, and as I’m not out on the town as much these days, I really should start introducing a few new social activities into my life.
My partner of six years back in the 90’s, was a High Roller, Blackjack was his game. Whilst I never played, I did however get to enjoy the spin-off’s of travelling to Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Vegas, where the casino’s often invited him to play and would ‘Comp’ our room, sometimes the flights too; he'd win more than lose, whilst I was good at the slots.
T, called mid-afternoon, ‘Frances, I’ve an hour or so to kill, any chance you might be around,’ ‘Yes, give me an hour, I’ll see you at 4pm.’ He’d been on a boozy lunch and was off out again later for a charity dinner with friends in the music business, all of whom raise money for a charity called Nordoff Robbins, which helps vulnerable children and adults through music therapy.
It’s always a pleasure to meet T; he’s both bubbly and entertaining. ‘How about a gin and tonic,’ ‘Oh yes please Frances, that’d be lovely,’ we retired to the boudoir.
I suggested we start with a back rub. Once sufficiently relaxed to the point of almost nodding off (afternoon drinking), I flipped him over, straddled his face and slipped my erect cock into his mouth. Placing both arms behind my back, I reached for his nipples and gave them as hard a tweaking as I possibly could, this being one of his favourite positions.
I like having my nipples played with, sucked and gently tweaked, but I wouldn't care for the hard tweaking that a lot of my clients ask for...ouch!
Moving down to his cock I flipped around, thus enabling a mutually good suck. Poor T’s cock was looking a little worse for wear i.e. brewers droop, so I was surprised when he did actually manage to come in my mouth as I worked to coax it from it’s slumber.
‘Another G & T,’ ‘Why ever not Frances?’ Showered and dressed, I gave T the sign of the cross, ‘Testicles, spectacles, wallet and watch (and phone),’ pointed him in the direction of the nearest cab and onto further revelry; I look forward to seeing him again.   

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