A London Transsexual. 257 Pt 2

Back to proceedings; J was restrained by both his arms and legs whilst laid face-down on the leather bench, eagerly awaiting another good spanking, till his bottom was smarting so much he'd plead us to stop.
S went and fetched a large black latex dildo, ‘I didn’t choose a strap-on, Frances, because, well, you’ve got the real thing there, so I’m going to use this on him to get him ready for yours.’ She proceeded to lube up the overly large and rather weighty, phallic toy, before teasingly pushing it in and out of his willing arse.
I imagine there must have been twenty or more dildo’s hanging there, as well as a selection of long snake-like double-ended ones, the choice of colours was limited, black or pink, all in various lengths and girths, some frighteningly so!
Manoeuvring myself up to the front end, I placed my hands around the back of J’s head, slowly and gently I mouth fucked him till my cock was good and firm.
Seeing I was now hard enough to fuck J proper, S announced, ‘OK, now I’m going to hand your slutty little arse over to Frances to take care of.’ I assumed the position: ‘Right then, let’s spread those legs nice and wide shall we, come down a little, there, that’s right.’ I slid my cock into J’s moist lubed arse, it opened up and received me without resistance, having already been well prepared.
S, watched attentively as her little slut boy received a good steady ramming from behind. ‘So, are we ready for me to come up your arse,’ ‘Oh yes please Frances, yes please.’ A couple more firm thrusts and I spunked inside him…phew!
We moved on over to the bed, J lay on his back, his head between my legs with my cock in his mouth, S mounted him and guided his stiff dick into her pussy, as she bounced merrily up and down on his cock. Puffing and panting, J lasted perhaps two minutes before shooting his load up into S and withered into a heap.    
‘Right then, I suggest it's time we all had another glass of bubbles.’ Finishing my drink, I left them both to their own devices as they still had the dungeon for a few more hours, It seemed a waste that we’d barely used the vast amount of toys and equipment available, however, everyone seemed satisfied enough.

I ascended the staircase and pushed open the heavy metal door, stepping out of my decadent subterranean cocoon and back into normalness. It was filled with noise and the glare of daylight, as people casually milled around the market place and for the second time that day, I felt I'd crossed into a parallel universe, another dimension. 
What I'm reading in bed...
Raymond Briggs: Notes From The Sofa.

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