A London Transsexual Escort 225.

Monday was a tediously tyre-kicking day, people calling with opening lines such as, ‘How big is your cock,’ or ‘How much do you charge,’ perhaps there wasn’t much sport on the telly that day? Fortunately, Tuesday was a more productive day, with people making serious enquiries as to my availability for the week ahead.
I received a call from P, he was staying at The Axis Hotel (Ren Toiletries), I had to disappoint him on Saturday evening, as I was away gigging in Rye. Depending on P’s schedule, we may meet up for dinner and drinks before proceeding onto extra-curricular activities.
Rye, once described to me by one of its locals as, ‘A town of 9000 inhabitants, clinging drunkenly to a hill,’ and where being issued with a speeding ticket makes the front page of the local rag, it’s quaint enough to feature in an episode of ‘Miss Maple.’
Later that evening, someone else called whom I had to disappoint on Saturday, requesting stockings with red painted toenails. S arrived but his window of opportunity was small, being on his way to dinner with friends.
I promptly lead him to the boudoir where I lay upon the bed, as he sank to his knees to indulge in a spot of foot worship. Slowly peeling off my stockings, he took both feet and proceeded to suck and lick my scarlet painted toes. ‘Frances, can I come over your stockings,’ he asked, I draped both stockings over my legs, as he took hold of his cock and brought himself off spunking over them.
After he left (all a bit rushed for me) I went off to wash my still rather new stockings. When my stockings have run their usefulness, i.e. they become snagged, I’ll put them away in a little box, bringing them out whenever a client asks for a keepsake.
There are a lot of men walking about London town with one of those stockings, folded neatly in a pocket, or perhaps tucked away beneath their pillow?   

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