A London Transsexual Escort 226.

To Ham Yard Hotel (RikRak Toiletries) on a sticky and humid night in London town. Eighty degrees in Soho isn’t my idea of a fun place to be, throngs of people like ants on the move, knocking back copious amounts of booze and getting messy. 
Once, when I was in New Orleans, I asked a local how on earth he coped with the fierce heat that was killing me, ‘Mam, look at them there lizards, they stay in the shade all day and when they have to move, they move real slow.’ A good piece of advice for all you Mad Dogs And English Men out there.
The Ham Yard is a rather new boutique/contemporary hotel; the wallpaper adorning its corridor walls is impressive and from my observations, a popular place with American baby-boomers…wealthy ones, thus its five-star rating.
K, had sent a text, ‘Hi Frances, bit of a long shot but wondered if you might be available this evening?’ He was in luck, but not before I’d finished watering my tomato plants; they’re a bit late this year, due to a rather damp and cool English summer, nothing new there then.
I’m a patient sort of person, however, since taking up gardening four years ago, I’m more so, one simply can’t rush nature. This year I’m hoping for a crop of ten kilos of tomatoes, perhaps I should consider bartering.
We spent some time getting acquainted; he wasn’t looking for a ‘wham bam now I’m gone’ encounter, but rather, something a little more leisurely and personable, which suits me very well. We discussed what we might like to do, rather than us both second-guessing and fumbling in the dark. Some people, however, like the mystery of where it might take them; it’s horses for courses.
K had the job of finding something smooth to listen to on the radio; a little background music helps set the mood, meantime I went off to the bathroom to fetch some things that we might need, lotion, flannel, tissues, the air-con remote. I found a bottle of lube with 'added aloe vera,' that blooming stuff gets everywhere, is there anything in the world that it hasn't been added to, 'Aloe Burger' anyone?
I started with giving K a body massage, he was feeling a little too explosive in the groin area, so I flipped him over, lubed him up (with added aloe vera) and started with my finger then fingers. Once sufficiently relaxed, I entered him from behind with little resistance. It was now my turn to lie back whilst he sucked on me, I was near to drifting off it was so relaxing; he knew his stuff.
‘Right then, let’s have you on your back,’ I said. It took only a few strokes of his cock before he shot his load, and quite and load it was, I should have brought that towel from the bathroom too. I went off to freshen up and get K a warm wet flannel, thanked him for inviting me over and agreed we’d meet next time he was in town. 
The heat outside was bouncing off the pavement; the throng drunker and more boisterous, I gave half a thought to a late night cocktail, it was no more than a thought. I was homeward bound, where I'd baby tomatoes waiting to be tended to.

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