A London Transsexual Escort 230.

To Spain, and with it an escape from the busyness of London life, to lie by the pool of a friend’s villa (in the shade) and do a great big zero.
Though I make a conscious effort to be mindful of my time, in a place such as London it’s difficult not to get swept up in it all at times.
Stepping off the plane, the balmy afternoon sun felt good on my face. A little airport up in northern Spain, there was no waiting about for a Jetway, just a short walk across the warm tarmac to the terminal and into our car. If only all plane travel was this easy…sigh.
What struck me is just how expensive England (especially London) is. Eating out here is a joy, the bill always comes in less than expected and drinking, well, one could easily spend their entire time in a state of inebriation...and cheaply, if you don’t ask the person behind the bar to not pour such large measures.
As usual in a hot clime, I went for the big hat and covered up look, whilst my friends bared all at every given opportunity, building up their tan’s.
We were fortunate enough to visit the beautiful city of Tarragona, where they were holding the annual ‘Human Castle’ displays. Teams build a tier of seven-eight people high, standing upon each other’s shoulders as they reach for the sky. We witnessed one wobble, about five high, before quickly dismantling and one collapse, seven high, which seemed to happen in slow-mo, as they absorbed each other's fall with outstretched arms.
A trip to the beach was made even more delightful, as we swam about in a sea as warm as bath water, and swimming amongst shoals of little fish in the cooler secluded coves.
Evening's were spent cooking, storytelling, dancing around the pool and playing board-games, not a TV or DVD in sight. Seven days went far too fast, after all, two days are spent travelling, next time I shall treat myself to ten. 

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