A London Transsexual Escort 231.

To the Sanderson (Malin+Goetz toiletries), once the headquarters of the Sanderson wallpaper and fabric company, before it became a swanky boutique hotel.
I first stayed here for a weekend some 10 years ago, and whilst the beds and bed linen are luxurious, I really want more than just a net curtain dividing my bedroom from the bathroom, I guess the designers thought it rather chic, I call it minimalist.
G, asked if I’d like to meet in Soho first at a bar/restaurant, 'That's far too noisy a place' I said, I suggested somewhere closer to the hotel. I'd arranged to call him upon arrival, unfortunately, his phone had died, as I didn’t know who I was looking, I left him a voice message.
Ten minutes later whilst sat waiting in my car, the phone rang; he’d asked the restaurant if they could charge the phone. G was in town for some playtime, which he does on occasion and had been considering his first experience with a Transsexual.
I’d had a late lunch and so didn't have much of an appetite for dinner, we chose a few side dishes and just the one glass of wine before retiring to the hotel room. As I was driving, I declined the tempting offer of champagne sat chilling in the ice bucket.
I suggested we start with G taking his clothes off and I give him a back rub. Off I went to the bathroom, well OK, behind the net curtain and fetched some body lotion. It must have given him a jolly good massage, because he almost nodded off. 
G asked if I’d sit upon his legs and wank him off, I obliged and he came all over his tummy. He’ll sleep well after that I thought, but no, G had gotten a second wind. No sooner had I returned from freshening up in the bathroom, he was up and getting dressed, ready to go trawling around Soho for a few more hours of playtime.
What I'm reading in bed...
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