A London Transsexual Escort 232.

It's just two weeks to go until Christmas day in London town, and I'm beginning to feel the crackle of excitement in the frosty breath air.

Once more I find myself at The Sanderson hotel (Malinn+Goetz toiletries), I haven’t visited the place in years, and then as buses are wanton to do, two come along in the same week.

M, a young Arab man in his early 30’s was taking the opportunity whilst in London to ‘experiment with his sexuality.’ We met down in the lobby, ‘Hello Frances, it nice to meet you, would you like a drink at the bar,’ ‘No thank you I replied, I’d be happy to have a drink up in your room.’
‘I don’t know if I’m Gay and that I should be seeing a man, but I thought I'd like to try it with a Transsexual first.’ ‘Well,' I replied, ‘you’ve taken the first step in finding out, some people just wonder and that’s as far as they’ll ever get in finding out.’
It was refreshing to hear M’s honesty and willingness regard his sexuality. Many people, understandably, have a difficult time accepting that they may be shifting from their usual heterosexual desires; taboo and religion play a large part here, I can testify to this myself having been raised a Catholic.
It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I felt a compelling urge to experiment beyond my heterosexual desires, and whilst eager to try new things sexually, there was a reluctance/denial that I might actually be Bi-sexual; or rather, had become.
Two years on, it was obvious this wasn’t just a phase I was going through, so I shrugged my shoulders and resigned to myself, ‘Frances look, so you’re Bi to some nth degree, just get over it.’ Still, I was curious to know if I was 50/50, 75/25 or 85/15 Bi?
I'm wiser now and understand that sexuality is a fluid thing, a bit like the bubble in a spirit level, some embrace it, others shun and deny it, I, eventually yielded and accepted.     
M, lay on the bed with his clothes on, ‘Erm…it might be better if we both take off our clothes,’ I said, M kept his boxers on and rubbed his cock whilst I sat on top of him stroking his chest.
He made no attempt to touch my cock but cupped, fondled and kissed my breasts. ‘Would you like me to play with your cock,’ I asked him. ‘No, I’m just fine doing this thanks.’
This was punctuated with M answering his phone; his friends had arranged to take him out for the evening before his return to Dubai the next morning. This explained his panic that I get there ASAP and the half-hour window we had to have some fun. 
M seemed to be having a difficult time focusing on the present situation, and after the 4th phone call and then room service knocking on the door to turn down his bed, so was I. ‘Hmmm, I’m not sure if this is for me Frances, maybe I'm just Gay cos although you have a cock, you’re more like a woman.’
I said it was cool if he just wanted to leave it there and encouraged him to keep experimenting. And that was it; I headed off to my car whilst M headed out for his last night in London.
Driving home through town, the pavements were thronged with Christmas shopper’s laden down with bags. Many had come in especially to see the twinkling lights and magnificent store window displays; Fortnum and Mason get my award again for this year's best display.
And so there we are the end of another year for A London Transsexual Escort. All that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, see you on the other side of the year.

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