A London Transsexual Escort 233.

K, a young man in his 30’s, is a frequent visitor, sometimes more than once in a week. He is, however, not the calmest of people to entertain, I’m sure he’d quite agree.
This is due to his hyperactivity, not the least bit surprising, being how he likes to indulge whilst here. It’s the combination of an exceedingly large Red Bull & Jack Daniels’, several cigarettes, Poppers and on occasion Viagra…and of course, me.
He’ll easily consume two Transsexual porn videos in the space of an hour, and despite my pointing out, ‘K, if you keep fast-forwarding that movie we’ll soon run out of things to watch,’ he skips through it anyway to the bits he likes best; each to their own, he’s happy.
I keep a packet of Rennie’s tablets in for him, as I do for one of my other regulars, whom often gets indigestion; these are kept in the cupboard along with the Mars bars for my occasional diabetic clients.
Last month, C, went Hypo on me mid-blowjob. I wasn’t aware he was diabetic until he sat up, his cock slipping out of my mouth, ‘Frances, I’m feeling faint, hot and sweaty, it's my blood sugar its dropped, do you have any chocolate?’ He’d drunk a large whisky when he arrived, on an empty stomach as it turned out; not recommended for diabetics.
Fortunately, I had a stash of Mars bars, an occasional treat, so I dashed off to the kitchen and fetched him two. Having scoffed them pretty quickly, ten minutes later he was back on the wall and we returned to where we’d left off, his cock in my mouth.  
So, here’s a little bit of useful information…
If someone goes ‘Hypo,’ that’s a lack of sugar as opposed to too much sugar which is  ‘Hyper,’ one of the best things you can do is to give them ‘Jelly Babies,’ or some other kind of jelly sweet, as the body absorbs the sugar quicker than it can chocolate (dairy slows down the absorption). The trouble for me is, every time I see a packet of ‘Jelly Babies’ in my cupboard stash (one of my favourite sweets), I end up snaffling them all myself.
Well there you go, a lesson on applying First-Aid in a London Transsexual Escort’s Blog, and you don’t get many of those to the pound. Perhaps I should consider donning that Nurses outfit more often?


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