A London Transsexual Escort 234.

Hurrah, once again I survived ‘Dry January.’ I did try it in February once (only 28 days), but I felt like a fake, and as many continue to party on through January, one feels even more virtuous...well ok, smug then.
Funny thing is, I think I’ve only had four drinking days so far this month, it seems the desire to consume alcohol falls away (I don’t drink every day), compared with the reward of a better night’s sleep, awaking bolt upright in the morning with a ZING and feeling sharper. I know it's not just me, as the friend I did it with (mutual support/crutch) for the second year running, quite agrees.
I’ll admit, there was a moment late January when the thirst hit us both and we had a bit of a wobble, but then we discovered ‘Beck's Blue,’ non-alcoholic beer. It did the trick. I’m partial to a larger & lime and believe me, I couldn’t taste the difference.
And so Valentine’s Day comes round again, a day when red roses and chocolates soar in price, only to be heavily discounted by half their usual price the next day, particularly if of a red or pink hue. So, if you’re willing to wait until the 15th February, you can really shower someone, plus you’ll be given a decent table at a restaurant.
Yes, I know I know...but despite its commercialism, it’s a good an excuse as any to pamper that special person in your life, not that you should ever need one. Anyway, it’s a homage to love, so that’s got to be a good thing. Sadly, those looking for or without a special ‘Amore’ in their lives, it's something that can compound an already difficult day; it's a funny old thing, this love business. 
I used to enjoy going out to lunch on Valentine’s Day, watching and speculating on what might be, the flaming illicit love affairs in the room. The evening show often seemed more restrained, obligatory even.
In the USA everybody seems to send one another a card, be it their Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Aunt or Uncle, and like Halloween, it's another import that seems to have caught on here. Perhaps we should consider exporting ‘Morris Dancing’ to the Colonies, that'll teach them.

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