A London Transsexual Escort 240.

R, a client whom I’ve not seen in over a year, was staying at the newly refurbished Café Royal hotel (Floris toiletries); I used to drink here at the cocktail bar way back when. Thursday evenings were magical, with an amazingly talented ‘Liberace’ like pianist, complimented by his white grand piano and silver candelabra, entertaining us beyond the midnight hour.

Men in tie and jackets, drag queen’s in sequined ball-gowns and everyone dressed in-between, joined in unison for a jolly old-fashioned sing-along to the American songbook. The bold and inebriated would step up to the piano to perform solo; oh what fun was had, alack, few places like that remain these days. 

The Café Royal does oak in a big way, oak doors, beds and bedroom furniture, yet it still manages to pull off a contemporary look. No more door keys or cards into slots, one simply waves a card over the illuminated number outside your room and everything is lit up before even entering.

R, enjoys his fantasy role-play, which can get quite graphic at times. Many people realise their fantasies and act upon them, whilst for others, it's something that remains locked away in the dark recesses of the mind. Most all of the fantasies I engage in are pretty straightforward (methinks?) and harmless affairs, being seduced by the boss; an incestuous encounter; a frisky temptress of an auntie; a job interview which ends up with a romp in the bedroom.

Our fantasies are deeply personal things, but some people’s fantasies can be very dark, scenarios, which I find difficult to engage in or fulfill; but not for a minute do I believe they're anything more than that. Still, I try to accommodate as best I can, being non-judgemental, offering an opportunity to voice and play out a particular fantasy, whilst we engage in sex play.

The fantasy starts and finishes here; after coming to a climax, we put it away, perhaps to be taken out again next time, unless we choose to take a different title from off the shelf, the library within their head.

One has to place oneself in the zone, by stepping out of reality, as a method actor might do, immersing oneself for a little while. Play-acting requires that you put aside all feelings of embarrassment and ego. Of course, finding that particular someone you’re comfortable with and not feel foolish, can be difficult. Even after all my time Escorting, you’d think me not to be shy, but you'd be wrong, it took a long time for me to find someone I felt totally at ease with.

Realising ones personal fantasy is liberating, if you can just be brave enough to give it a try, you may find yourself returning for more. But, like Christmas, it’s even better when not an everyday occurrence, the clue is in the word.

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