A London Transsexual Escort 245.

I’d planned for a quiet one this New Year’s Eve, as I’ve played a gig on the night for the last 8 years. I thought it might be nice to ease myself into the New Year at my local bar, however…
I received a call from a friend three days before, asking if I’d perform at the launch party of her new bar, some 3 miles away from where I live. They’d pay me well; throw in all the champagne I could drink plus a bottle to take home. I thought OK, I could still be tucked up in my bed by 2:00am and awaken refreshed to start my dry January, and so I did.
During the week, I met The Colonel for lunch at Rules (supposedly the oldest restaurant in London) where we exchanged Christmas gifts. They specialise in Game, though I went with the oysters to start, followed by a hearty, stick to your ribs steak and ale suet pudding, finishing off with a golden syrup sponge pudding and custard, which stuck to whatever remaining ribs I might have had still shown.
Passing on the aperitif, I watched enviously as the Colonel’s claret was topped up. My non-drinking drink for January is; lemonade, a few drops of Angostura bitters and a freshly squeezed lime, it’s a marvellously refreshing drink that seems to sedates my temptations.
I enjoy a bit of Transsexual porn now and again, it’s free and just a mere click away, so what’s not to like? I find www.xhampster.com to be good.
However, one of my regular clients is mad about porn, so much so that in the space of an hour he’ll go through 3-4 DVD’s, he can do this because he‘s very keen on the fast-forward button. ‘K, you do realise that if you keep hitting that fast-forward button, there’ll be nothing left to watch,’ I tell him, in vain.
My problem is, he’ll then want to try ever-conceivable position and manoeuvre he’s seen on screen. Some are impossibly difficult unless one is a gymnast, while others are just damn uncomfortable, so, I find myself having to draw a line.
Believe me, I enjoy sex-play (if not, I’m in the wrong business), but there’s a reason why the missionary position, doggie position and on your side, remain so popular, they’re practical, comfortable and ones enjoyment can be sustained for much longer periods of time and all without getting a cramp.
I paid a visit to J yesterday; there’s nothing more he enjoys than having coke blown up his bottom through a straw, sniffing on a bottle of Poppers and knelt on the bed whilst I screw him from behind. It’s something he’d do more often, but you can imagine, it’s a bit of an expensive recreational hobby.
Lately, along with a few other regular clients, he’s asked if I could arrange for another boy/girl to join us. Alack, I’ve yet to find someone suitable I can work harmoniously with since the people I used to call upon have either retired or moved on; you think it’d be easy, it’s not.
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