A London Transsexual Escort 249.

Well OK, that's not strictly true, it should read, 'No Sex Please We're Puritanical Americans.'
In the last few months, the 'American Homeland Security' department has closed down 2 of the major Escort websites that I advertise with, ‘Backpage’ and ‘Eros Guide.’ 
'Eros' (a high-end site) had been operating for nearly twenty years, they weren't cheap to advertise with but were the go-to for travelling businessmen. 'Backpage' filled the void left by 'Craigslist' when the US government fell on them, however, once established, they became increasingly greedy, hiking their rates by 400%, no love lost there then, just the inconvenience.
So once again, we find government trying to impose its own puritanical morals and codes of conduct (usually a handful of Christian's) upon its nationals, protecting ourselves from ourselves they say i.e. a nanny state. 
Another excuse that’s oft trotted out is, they're stopping trafficking; I'm not suggesting this doesn't happen, though the numbers are highly exaggerated, in all my time as a Transsexual Escort, I’ve yet to meet anyone past or present in this line of work (Transsexual-Straight-Gay), that hadn’t chosen to do it.
Even though being an Escort is legal here in the UK (as long as it's not a Brothel), every now and then some lazy, newly elected MP will come along hoping to make a quick impression for him/herself, by proclaiming they’ll stamp out and rewrite the rules of the 'oldest profession'. Their attempts rarely come to anything more than a column inch in the papers (objective accomplished).
The real crime here is, in the meantime, they've wasted precious time, resources and opportunities to make a difference for the better, fighting those matters for which their constituents elected them, so just get on with the job!   
And so, as with any situation that leaves a vacuum, it's soon filled by the next budding, enterprising, entrepreneur. I guess the only option for these two once successful website/businesses are for them to move all their operations out of the US. Why they hadn’t prepared for this possible eventuality I’ve no idea, were they resting on their laurels, did someone fall asleep when they should've been on watch; like Facebook, did they believe they were top of their game and would always be there; MySpace anyone?
The digital age has been a boon for those who want to take more control of their lives, big government doesn’t like us to have too much of this, so for them, it’s all a bit of a mixed blessing. The inevitable future of a cashless society will benefit only one person, yours and my puritanical Big Brother.
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