A London Transsexual Escort. 253.

J was having a hard time, or rather, unable to have as much of a hard time as he'd like, due to arriving at the Office a little worse for wear. He'd been to an afternoon staff party, celebrating with colleges on a deal his company had just signed off on and had consumed a few too many glasses of fizz.
To his credit, he came up with an ingenious idea as to how to keep his cock stiff, something I would never have thought of. Asking for a condom and a pair of scissors, he unravelled it and proceeded to cut it, leaving just the strong rubber ring at the end. This he then rolled down over his semi-erect cock, thus effectively turning it into a cock-ring, which helped in keeping in the blood flow, and it worked too!
Well, it worked long enough to keep him erect for 5 minutes or so, whilst I sucked him. Unfortunately, brewers droop again got the better of him, so, sitting up on the bed in resignation, I went off and fetched him a conciliatory G&T.
S, for me a first-time visit, though not his first encounter, is both deaf and unable to speak, and so there was a lot of to-ing and frowning via text before we managed to secure a meet. Upon arriving, we sat down and I articulated if it might be a good idea to fetch a notepad and pen, which was given a thumbs-up.
Between passing the pad back and forth, scribbling for some twenty minutes and using both hand and facial expressions (I don't sign-language), I also spoke, as S was able to lip-read. In just a short while, it really didn’t feel like we had any difficulty or barriers in our communicating at all.
I gestured toward the boudoir, where again, we found little problem in our pursuit of mutual pleasure. Before leaving, S taught me how to sign ‘Hello,' ‘Goodbye,’ as well as, ‘I’ll be back,’ which I’ve gone and forgotten so will await his return to learn that again.
Did you know, there are more than two hundred sign languages throughout the world?
Thursday morning I received a text from a good friend…
He: What you up to this weekend?Me: Not a lot, why?He: OK, you mentioned you’ve never been to Greece, meet me at the oyster bar Heathrow Terminal 5 at 9:00am; I’m taking you to Corfu for the weekend.
Right then I’d better go pack a suitcase, more to follow…
What I'm reading on the beach...

Rain: Four Walks in English Weather: Melissa Harrison.


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