Jessica Fantasia

MySpace blog from Jessica Fantasia.

From MySpace:

Ah, the obligatory auto-biographical section. Well, I live in Sacramento, CA.

I am somewhere between a transsexual, cross-dresser, and boy. But I will never ever cut off or add any body parts.

I love to go out on the town and have fun with friends. I love White Russians (the drink, that is) and dancing (the R&B room at Faces is by far the best dance floor in existence).

If you want to chat me up, my Yahoo messenger screen name is: jessicafantasia. However, don't bother if you don't have a pic of your face on your Yahoo profile. You won't get a reply. The same rule applies on myspace. No pic = no reply.

I love history and politics, and keep up on current events regularly

I'm probably the biggest sports nut of a girl you will ever meet, and am a huge San Francisco 49ers fan.

I am obsessed with tweezing my eyebrows and working out on the elliptical machine.

I am addicted to caffeine.

I have made many a recent purchase from The Glamour Boutique, and I highly recommend them!

I am a huge Simpsons and Family Guy fan.

I love my iPod.

I loathe rednecks.

Never have I written so many consecutive sentences that begin with the word "I".

Harley Davidsons hurt my ears!

I am attracted to both men and women. Well... and anyone in between who I find beautiful. Nonetheless, I am very, very picky!!! I get lots of e-mails and add requests from guys and trannies who have no pictures of their face on their profile. Um, sorry.

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