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Finding India in Greensboro

There's been the question if I'm back. I'm not sure that I have an answer to that. I did finally unpack after three months, so I'd say I'm getting there.

I've taken the whole Netflix and Chill phenomenon to a whole new level. Watching every single Bollywood movie available for streaming. I was then led to a dilemma of having to fill my appetite for India in new way, by actually leaving the house.  Read more »

These Fleeting Moments

54,720. That's how many minutes are left.

For almost a year I've heard the church bells ring on the hour. I've walked past the clock tower at Cardiff City Hall every day, it's face staring at me. The seconds have turned into minutes, minutes into hours, and eventually I find myself wondering where all the time has gone. So I slumber in the dream, waiting for the alarm clock to go off. It's just before dawn in the middle of August.  Read more »

Going Under: The Drowning.

We came upon a murky lake, but she thinks its just a dark puddle. Below the surface is a huge angry tree with branches like arms. She steps through the water like a child on a rainy day expecting it to be only a few inches deep, and plummets endlessly to the bottom. I wait for her to surface, but I know the truth, that she's tangled up in the limbs, unable to surface. I reach into the water and find a hand. I try to release her from the grip of the darkness but I'm not strong enough.  Read more »

Never Stop Shining.

I remember the car hitting the embankment. The car taking to the air and crashing down on the train tracks. The sparks shooting out from the undercarriage as the vehicle slid down the tracks, the screeching of metal against metal. I remember the sound of the train as it approached. I remember trying to open the door, trying to kick my way out. I remember crawling out of the mangled wreckage. Minutes later the train struck my car on the North Carolina-Virginia border.  Read more »

Drive it like you stole it.

There are these roads that exist out in the middle of New Mexico. Hundreds of miles of blacktop where you won't see another car for hours. A few years back, I was driving down one of these roads in a 300 horsepower muscle car doing about 90 miles-per-hour.  I had spent the last few days driving from North Carolina to California. I was blasting down the highway for hours with the top off and the radio up, when I came up on a State Trooper.  Read more »

A Song for September.

I've never been good at singing, sports, or living my life within boxes. I like to draw outside the lines, drive too fast, and I'm addicted to that feeling of uncertainty. It's good to know your talents in this life. I've refined mine over the years. I generally know what people think before they do. I see the world without time, an ability to seize tomorrow by realizing it today.  Read more »

Five Guys Cardiff

Let me be honest for a moment. I'm in love with Cardiff. and honestly, for myself, Cardiff far fits my sensibilities than America does. I honestly believe we do most things astonishingly well here in Wales. However, there's one thing, in almost seven months of living here that  I've felt hasn't been as good as my birthright, hamburgers.  Read more »

Venice, beneath the surface.

When I left Rome two years ago, I didn't have high expectations for coming back to Italy. Venice was always on my mind though. It's generally an expensive option to arrive at even in Europe, but when the opportunity arrived to take a ferry from Athens to Venice for only about seventy Euros, I jumped at the chance.

After about two days on an Anek ferry we arrived in port.  Read more »

Athens to Venice by Ferry.

Reluctantly, I left Athens for Patras by coach by the third day of my holiday. I loved my stay in Greece and didn't know for sure if I wanted to leave. For someone who speaks multiple languages and has traveled extensively, I still found the trip on public transportation complicated. That said, without incident I boarded the bus for a three hour trip to the western tip of Greece where I would catch my Anek ferry.  Read more »

The epic of Athens dwells within.

I'll admit that I had some preconceptions about Greece. It’s never portrayed brilliantly in Western media. There's the ferries that have sunk, economic disasters, and  I suspect that media's portrayal of Greece is westernized paternal shame to shun the country into economic compliance. However, the Greece I visited was one of the loveliest countries that I had ever been to in my life (I honestly would consider living there if I could).  Read more »

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