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Cardiff Street Food

I've now witnessed several cities as they embarrass the mobile food truck scene.  It's been frustrating and nail-biting all at the same time (I'm talking to you Greensboro). I even did a research project during my undergraduate degree on this exact topic. Truth be known, restaurants hate them (it's hard to compete with a food trucks overhead and mobility), and cities may see them as code violating, ugly, additions to the town landscape.  Read more »

Best restaurants in Cardiff

Top 10 Eats in Cardiff.When I arrived in Cardiff, I really was expected to be impressed by the food here. My previous visits to foreign countries always seem to have some unexpected delicacy around the corner, but I found (at first) I was overwhelmed with mediocre reincarnations of often American food without anything that stood out.  Read more »

Cottingley Fairies

One of the more interesting stories I've heard while living in the  U.K. is the Cottingley Fairies. To a skeptical one, I'm quick to regard the story, or any story for that matter, with fairies, as a hoax, but in 1917 a series of photos were taken in Bradford that led to one little girls death.  Read more »

To Live is to Risk

I'm not sure exactly what to write tonight, I just know I should. It's been too long since I've posted anything here and far too many people have been wondering about life here in the Diff (Cardiff). My arrival was interrupted by the death of my mother-in-law, a fact which I'm sure she's proud of. Her talents at being difficult seem to have followed her beyond this life and into the next realm.  Read more »

The Angel of Senghennydd Court

Glistening nights, drinking it up,to the night sky she lifts her cup.Innocence lost to the music,her stolen life fades. One last trick.
Starving herself into his arms.Would they notice if she self harms?Her inflicted paranoia,one more hit, here comes hypnoia.
She can't get him out of her head,temptation in another's bed.No one knows she's falling apart.Cause of death?  Read more »

How long for an U.K. Visa?

It's now day thirteen since the U.K. Border Agency received my student visa application and I still don't know my academic future. Applying for the visa is a monumental hurdle in itself at a cost over $500 just to receive permission to come to the U.K. and be allowed to spend thousands of dollars on education.  Personally, I don't understand first world country's border controls. They seem a bit absurd in my opinion. I truly believe that the creators of Shengen Area had the right idea.  Read more »

Best seats in the sky

Just a few miles out of Charlotte on my DFW-CLT leg.

More domestic flying last week, with a quick jaunt to Dallas. Dallas is an amazing city that I have been fortunate to travel to several times over the last few years. It's like Los Angeles with less traffic and drama.  Read more »

Rustic French Stuffing

Never mind the dirty dishes. Things are a bit nuts in our tiny kitchen at Christmas.

I've been wanting to try my hand at homemade stuffing for some time. Mom and dad got into a bit of a row over whether stuffing goes with ham for Christmas, and it made for a perfect opportunity for me and Shan to offer our skills. Unfortunately we had different views about preparing this dish.  Read more »

Little Caesar's Crazy Bread Recipe

Pizza! Pizza!
My father is notoriously cheap thrifty. He admits it, and in many ways I am too. Growing up in Oregon, Ohio, I don't ever remember eating the pricier Domino's, and only on occasion did we go to Pizza Hut. No, those restaurant were for the bourgeoisie of the Greater Toledo Area, and we slummed it with our coupons and Little Caesar's Pizza.  Read more »

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