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Bacon Lasagne Recipe

WARNING: Bacon Lasagne is best served away from cats who may become angry at your lack of sharing.

My cat Schitzy is much like the fictional feline named Garfield and who is gifted with a natural instinct to sense and hunt down Italian food.  Read more »

The Best Malt Vinegar? A Taste Test!

Something is fishy at the start, the two U.S. brands list no ingredients.

A while back I imported some brewed malt vinegar from Britain for Shannon's Christmas gift, the real deal: Sarson's.  Read more »

Mustard is better than Ketchup? Your Condiment Allegiance.

It's a question for all time: if America was to out-law either ketchup or mustard tomorrow, what condiment would you vote to keep (according to research, mayo is no. 1 in the U.S.)? What's better, mustard or Ketchup? I'm clearly a mustard girl in this saucy showdown. I find the idea of ketchup on hot-dogs deeply evil. Unfortunately I married a ketchup whore aficionado.  Read more »

Wowed in London Ontario

I was trying to explain to a friend the other day my expectations when I travel, and that I want to be shocked, or impressed, awed or dumbfounded by my vacations. So taking an un-planned, let's-just-drive-north-vacation, proved to be a mixed bag of disappointment and excitement.  Read more »

How to cook corn on the cob.

Do you suffer from under-cooked corn on the cob? 

I've been the victim of bad corn on the cob cooking many times. Admittedly, even in my house we sometimes in the past have cut corners and boiled corn on the cob which resulted in a semi-raw, but edible vegetable. Yet if you want really good corn, it's not done by boiling, grilling, steaming or other method, it's done by baking.  Read more »

Going Over Niagara Falls

My adventure in going over Niagara Falls was only feet away.

So a few weeks ago on our trip back from Niagara Falls, I'm standing on the Canadian side standing at the railing with billions of gallons of water before me, and all I can think about is jumping off, and diving in.

It seems like a rather peculiar thought but there before me was adventure, something to conquer.  Read more »

Potato Bombs Recipe

It's more like a potato grenade.

A few days ago my mother came over and mentions she witnessed how to make potato bombs on television. My mind instantly jumps to the concept of mom becoming a Christian Jihadist and filling potatoes with shrapnel to take out her co-baby-boomers at the local YMCA senior bingo and bake-sale.  Read more »

Pink's Hot-Dogs of Hollywood Chili Recipe

Pink's of Hollywood Chili Dogs are legendary.

In Hollywood, when you're on-set (or off) and craving comfort food then there's only one place to go: Pink's on La Brea. Betty Pink's 1939 hot-dog stand in Los Angeles has been a the center for hot-dogs for 3/4 of a century and no one can say they've been to L.A.  Read more »

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