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And what of flavoured condoms?

Well, in this enlightened age of healthy safe sex, it also being my client’s prerogative, one is occasionally asked, ‘Frances, do you mind if we use a condom for oral?'

Not at all...!  Read more »


A little tea and sympathy is all some clients seek; not for them the chinking of champagne glasses, whilst I swing from the light fittings in four inch patent heels.  Read more »


Ring ring it’s 10am; someone’s keen me thinks, as I stir from another dream drenched night of slumber.  Read more »


And so it's off to the House of Parliament, to meet and discuss with several supportive MP's and a committee from  Read more »


Monday evening saw me at the Mandarin Oriental hotel (Aromatherapy Associates toiletries), entertaining a rather timid Arab chap.  Read more »


Dawn breaks over London town as I skip down the steps of the Berkeley hotel (Asprey toiletries) and into a chill November morn.  Read more »


Saturday morning 11:30am: I've had but five hours kip and I'm giving pleasurable head at the Metropolitan Hotel Park Lane (Invigorate toiletries); £350 on the Monopoly board.  Read more »


Let me start by dispelling (and perhaps disappointing) one of the most commonly perceived myths about Escorts.  Read more »

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