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T and I had corresponded for several months before his holiday in London from the US, indulging his passion with trains, both the real and model variety.  Read more »


The death knell is ringing up at The Colony Room; come Christmas it will be the end of 60 years of 'Rush up, Drink up, Spend up and Fuck off!'  Read more »


And what of flavoured condoms?

Well, in this enlightened age of healthy safe sex, it also being my client’s prerogative, one is occasionally asked, ‘Frances, do you mind if we use a condom for oral?'

Not at all...!  Read more »


King Abdullah and his flunky road show rolls into town; at his behest or possible beheading, so too does Sheik M  Read more »


J is a darling man, and always arrives bearing flowers (lilies). These, along with daffodils and bluebells are my favourites.  Read more »


And so to Manchester, to perform with The Frantastics at ‘Sparkle,’ a yearly gathering cum celeb-fest of all things Trans.  Read more »


'Ole blue eyes is back!' Hmmm...that's not right; 'Younger blue eyes is back;' there, that sounds better.  Read more »


A little tea and sympathy is all some clients seek; not for them the chinking of champagne glasses, whilst I swing from the light fittings in four inch patent heels.  Read more »

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