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King Abdullah and his flunky road show rolls into town; at his behest or possible beheading, so too does Sheik M  Read more »


A little tea and sympathy is all some clients seek; not for them the chinking of champagne glasses, whilst I swing from the light fittings in four inch patent heels.  Read more »


Ring ring it’s 10am; someone’s keen me thinks, as I stir from another dream drenched night of slumber.  Read more »


And so it's off to the House of Parliament, to meet and discuss with several supportive MP's and a committee from  Read more »


Monday evening saw me at the Mandarin Oriental hotel (Aromatherapy Associates toiletries), entertaining a rather timid Arab chap.  Read more »


Dawn breaks over London town as I skip down the steps of the Berkeley hotel (Asprey toiletries) and into a chill November morn.  Read more »


Saturday morning 11:30am: I've had but five hours kip and I'm giving pleasurable head at the Metropolitan Hotel Park Lane (Invigorate toiletries); £350 on the Monopoly board.  Read more »


Let me start by dispelling (and perhaps disappointing) one of the most commonly perceived myths about Escorts.  Read more »

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