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177. Part 1.

It's encouraging to see the Pope has finally come around albeit reluctantly, to the idea of condoms and safer sex (though not infallible); notwithstanding, 'A day late and a dollar short' does spring t  Read more »


It doesn't help to be cynical in this line of work, and many a potential client would have been thrown out with the bath-water if I w  Read more »


7am. I find myself in a Pimlico basement-flat taking a coked up, bent over, Knight of the Realm from behind.  Read more »


I've nothing against false-teeth, dentures that is, well sometimes my cock, but on occasion I find the need to drop a subtle hint, 'Oh I love that, but try nibbling on it as you would a lettuce leaf, not a c  Read more »


'Frances, do you kiss,' 'but of course, isn't that why God gave us lips,' I replied.  Read more »


Here's a Q & A I did last year for the delightful Tabby Jones' Blog, you can read more of her observant and amusing posts HERE.  Read more »

171. Part 2

Once again, N's driver arrived just before midnight to whisk me back to Blakes hotel (Molton Brown toiletries); he'd made a comm  Read more »


As I approached the entrance to The Dorchester hotel (Floris toiletries), l noticed it to be unusually busy  Read more »

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