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I've no idea perhaps you do, but why do so many clients choose to call themselves David or John?  Read more »


The New Year got off to a bang; sexual resolutions were realised, cherries were popped and consummated, not mine, but rather those of the uninitiated and curious, I simply facilitated imaginings.  Read more »


Christmas rolls around and once more, I find myself humbled by the shower of gifts bestowed upon me from some of my dearest clients, jewellery; books; champagn  Read more »


Note to self: I should not let my clients wear my black stilettos, they'll only end up stretched thus becoming far too big for me to then wear.  Read more »

177. Part 2.

March 17th 1998, was the culmination of that watershed moment six years earlier, March 1993.

I'd already been on my Transitional journey some two years, when I first met the man I'd spend the next seven years with...a man!  Read more »

177. Part 1.

It's encouraging to see the Pope has finally come around albeit reluctantly, to the idea of condoms and safer sex (though not infallible); notwithstanding, 'A day late and a dollar short' does spring t  Read more »


It doesn't help to be cynical in this line of work, and many a potential client would have been thrown out with the bath-water if I w  Read more »


7am. I find myself in a Pimlico basement-flat taking a coked up, bent over, Knight of the Realm from behind.  Read more »


I've nothing against false-teeth, dentures that is, well sometimes my cock, but on occasion I find the need to drop a subtle hint, 'Oh I love that, but try nibbling on it as you would a lettuce leaf, not a c  Read more »

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