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As I approached the entrance to The Dorchester hotel (Floris toiletries), l noticed it to be unusually busy  Read more »


It's not easy, taking someone from behind whilst wearing an electric blue coloured condom (tutti frutti), and not giggle, well, it's plain unprofe  Read more »


Christmas, that time of time year when I hang up the seamed stockings, pull shut the door to the Office, and take a holiday.  Read more »


'Hi Frances, this is J, the tall American guy from Houston, we met about two years ago, I don't know if you remember me (I did!), well...I'm staying at Claridges (  Read more »


I first met E back in the summer at Mistress Vanessa's apartment/dungeon, a long time regular client of hers, he'd asked  Read more »


T was back in town, he'd come all the way from New Jersey USA, for his month long fix of all things to do with trains; an annual pilgrimage (see <  Read more »


How confusing, three Marriott hotels (Penhaligon's toiletries) within the space of a quarter of a mile, their latest acquisition, the warren that is Gros  Read more »


June transpired to be a 'Mensis horribilis' (a horrible month); I suppose I should count myself lucky, as HR Queen Elizabeth II, had  Read more »

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