Morgan Bailey's Bad Day

Morgan Bailey's Bad Day
DVD Region: All Regions
Released: 8 September 2010
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Morgan Bailey did not start out having a really bad day but it pressed into one rather quickly. She gets awakened by her friend Tiffany who is soaking in a hot tub while staring at her hot bodied Mexican gardener. The thought of him is enough to get Morgan Bailey rock hard and she strokes herself into a creamy explosive frenzy in a bid to get her day going on the right foot. But things do not go good from here, as she catches a peeping Tom stroking himself while staring at her through the window. As she approaches him and opens the window, he blasts a huge load off all over her face.

Morgan forgets she has her car in the shop and struts her sexy ass over to hopefully pick up her ride. The boys haven't finished the job quite yet and made it clear she can speed things up if she sucks their cocks and lets them suck hers as well. Morgan takes on the whole crew and deep swallows all of their meaty shafts. They bend her over the car and prep her skinny ass and solid hog for an oil change and thorough lube job. The guys break out the creeper and the 3 of them work her ass over good. One at a time they deposit cum droppings all over her face and chest. They fill her mouth and coat her in cum before letting her know her car still wont be ready for a while.

Tiffany is keeping the gardener busy with his cock down her throat and is anxiously waiting Morgans arrival on foot.

Morgan comes across a deaf girl named Olivia who claims she was beaten by her boyfriend. Morgan demands that Olivia takes her to him so she can kick his ass around. Olivia is worried but Morgan has the situation under control. But things change dramatically as Olivia flips and pulls a gun on both of them makes her boyfriend suck Morgans cock at gunpoint. It is not long before all 3 of them are partying. Morgan slaps the boyfriend on his face with her fat cock and Olivia breaks her chubby 3rd member out to ram down his throat too. Everyone is sucking on someone else's dick and eating another persons ass, before the 3 start cramming it up each others anus. They choo choo train and all fuck each other as Morgan strokes out a sticky one with her long legs behind her ears, aiming for her own mouth. The boyfriend pulls out and aims for her face as well; coating her in thick cum droplets.

Olivia loves her man even more now and Morgan is back on the road again. She makes her way to a local bar and checks in with Tiffany who is now in bed with the gardener. Her puffy nipples, white skin and small yet stiff penis gets our gardener cleaning out a little more than the gutters today. She whacks a watery batch off and enjoys a taste of her own along with a healthy batch of his too in her mouth.

Back at the bar Morgan is attacked by a giant cock in the bathroom. It is rammed down her throat, before a finger and then the same big dick goes up her ass. She gets toilet slammed in the dark and gets another large batch out of her hard shaft while her attacker escapes outside.

Morgans back on the road and found a cute chick to give her a ride. Morgan invites her to come in and fuck the gardener but she does not accept the offer. Tiffany informs Morgan the gardener has left and the 2 take some shots to unwind after a long day. They get trashed and order up some sausage pizza delivered by the girl that drove Morgan over the house to begin with. She is young and fresh with a fat cock and pretty tits and the 3 embark on a wild lesbian" party. Sucking, toying and probing each others mouths and asses. Morgan offloads her biggest wad of the day with a high flyer that the girls all lick up.

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